This is my portfolio site and the home of Ganglecom LLC, providing writing, editing, and content production services.

I’m Gary Anglebrandt. I studied journalism in college because I saw that it would allow me to continue learning after college (and, this time, get paid to do it).

It certainly has done that. I’ve been lucky enough to work deeply on a wide array of subjects: finance, world affairs, Asian culture, entrepreneurship, science, music, and major industries that shape our world. I am based in metro Detroit, and also have lived in Seoul and Beijing.

This work has allowed me to expand into areas such as copywriting, content marketing and communications. This includes marketing materials for businesses, advertising copy, internal HR communications, public relations work, and translated works. I have also edited books for authors and career materials for individual professionals.

I am a full-service writer and editor. I treat my work exactly as any business should — that which offers quality service to a customer, with full accountability and professionalism. That is why I formed Ganglecom. Projects are completed with speed and precision. I also have a network of designers and video editors I can reach out to at anytime for more deeper projects.

Contact: com@ganglecom.com