After a chilly year, bra-maker gets a boost as comic fodder

Living EssentialsThe weather got things off to a bad start this year for bra-maker Essential Bodywear LLC.

The company has an army of sales representatives, affectionately known as “bra ladies,” who buy the products to sell through parties at homes and offices, where women also get fitted. The polar vortex didn’t put people into a partying mood, however. With everyone hunkered down for the duration, sales plunged.

The year wasn’t all bad, though. The company’s quirky way of selling bras caught national media attention one week in September, with commentary on the “Today” show and “Late Night with Seth Meyers” following a feature on Essential Bodywear’s office parties that week in the New York Post.

“Companies have started setting up bra-fitting events in offices called bra parties,” Meyers riffed. “Meanwhile, in offices in China and India, people are working.”

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, hosts of “Today,” wrinkled their noses at the idea of walking around in a bra at work. But Charlick said that’s not quite the way it works. “It’s done in restrooms,” she said. … Read more at