Agency Quality, Independent Rates

Endless pages to edit

Have you ever wanted to scream at the wall, “All I need are some words and pictures! How hard can that be??”

I hear you! It shouldn’t be that hard.

Another question: Why should you pay agency-level rates just for a bit of content? Does it always have to be a drawn-out, introspective branding exercise? Of course not. The choice shouldn’t be between an overpriced agency and an inexperienced freelancer who misses deadlines and drops appointments. I provide you with a professional service — emphasis on “professional”. You wouldn’t put up with an independent lawyer or accountant not delivering. You shouldn’t have to with your messaging and content, either.

A “Story+Art” Approach

Having worked in the agency world and for a wide range of clients, I’ve seen that most needs boil down to this: Finding someone who can think well enough to come up with the words that hit the mark. Someone who gets it and who can work with graphic designers. You need words and pictures, and someone with the talent to put them together. It really isn’t that hard, no matter what agencies tell you.

  • Agency-level writing and editing at independent rates.
  • Personal service. I work hand-in-hand with you.
  • The messaging you want is the messaging you’ll get.
  • Able to take technical subject matter and turn it into understandable, engaging material with a natural voice — without sacrificing sophistication.

My professional network includes designers and writers I can bring into your project when necessary. Do you care if we work in a restored loft with brick walls, exposed beams, and a French press in the corner? Neither do we. We’re in a new era of remote work, but we’ve been at that game for a long time. The money we save on overhead means you don’t have to pay agency-level fees. We also use AI productivity tools such as Jasper and ChatGPT to further save you time and money. But we don’t depend on those tools. Every single word passes by my eyes, whether it’s written directly by me, someone else, or an AI tool. Quality control is always top of mind. Let’s get to work!

Let’s talk! I’m always happy to make new connections and explore thoughts, even if only half-formed. (Those are the best kind.) I’m typically at 80% capacity — it’s better to contact me sooner than later. There’s no harm in starting the conversation early.