Writing, Editing, Production. Content.

This is my professional portfolio site and home to Ganglecom LLC, the business entity for my independent work as a writer, editor, and content producer.

Starting from a base in traditional business journalism, I’ve worked off and on as a freelance writer and editor for over 15 years. At times, I have made it my full-time work, as opposed to mere fill-in between jobs. Clients have included media outlets, PR firms, small businesses, and large organizations. It has been some of the most satisfying work I have done, resting as it does on self-reliance and across-the-board life management.

My web production experience goes back 21 years, having first made my own site in 1999. Currently, I am doing more formal study of front-end development — HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript — to broaden my offerings from content into the more technical side of things.