Beware Discogs Buyers: Seller is a scammer

Are you a buyer of techno and house on Discogs? Be sure to check out the negative comments — they’re not all cranks whining about every little detail like on Yelp. I learned this the hard way when a seller named sent me a record listed as “mint” that had visible scratches all over it. The scratches caused crazy loud pops, skips, and surface noise. Basically a garbage record. I resold it for shipping only and was honest about its condition.

Another buyer later contacted me saying the same thing happened to them. And you can see in the comments section that this guy does this frequently. He won’t negotiate partial refunds. He freely admits in his own profile and in messages that he doesn’t listen to the records, even as he’s listing them as “mint”.

Discogs knows all this and refuses to do anything about it, despite instructing sellers to follow this ratings system. (I’m a seller as well and follow them quite conservatively.) So the seller intentionally falsely rates his records, knowing he can get away with it.

I sent Discogs a complaint showing a video of the skipping-ass record. Still refused to do anything. You’re on your own at that platform.

This should be‘s policy: I don’t listen to the records I sell, and I grade them according to my whims of the day. Discogs told me they don’t care, so don’t even try complaining about it, suckers!