Tesla Takes Legal Action Against Chinese News Outlet

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Inc TSLA 4.48% is taking legal action againt a Chinese tech media outlet called PingWest that earlier reported of harsh working conditions and quality control problem at Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory.

What Happened: Tesla reportedly has sent an “indictment” and other legal notices to PingWest over a report the outlet published on Dec. 25. 

The report, published in Chinese and English, claimed that workers toil under “sweatshop” conditions at the Shanghai factory, and that the company was cutting corners on quality to speed up production. Unnamed workers describe the plant is being low-tech and high-pressure, with bosses who are overly demanding — in other words, like a stereotypical Chinese factory.

“PingWest has found that the insanely high production volume has not been the direct result of the technological advancement that Tesla is known for, but rather the same old high-intensity manual labor that still plagues many industries inside China,” PingWest reported. …

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